Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lunch in NY, Sangria in Barcelona, Gondola ride in Venezia, all less than one euro!

Recently I read an article of a Turkish travel guru, Mehmet Yasin, commenting that "travelling is not expensive all the time, you can also have a dinner about 40 euros, and a bed for 100 euros".
I thought cheap is a very relative word.

Not to discourage the ones with limited income, I decided to give some hints about 'my cheap’

Cheap Lunch in NY
Although NY is not a very expensive city for eating, there may be need for cheap food for some. Those who don't want to pay for lunch can attend the free lunch in Episcopal Church in 9th ave. 28-29th street (Holy Apostles Episcopal Church (212) 924-0167 296 9th Ave New York, NY).
There you’ll get a full stomach, 4 kinds of meal, all served by rich old gals and guys, who are also very respectful to you.
After the lunch you can relax yourself at the park just across the street, with a 10 cents cigarette (sold at the exit of the church) with your free juice at hand.
Also free donuts and cookies (left from yesterday) are available at the exit for your dinner.

Cheap Sangria in Barcelona

Sangria is a popular and tasty Spanish drink made of red wine, sugar, fruits and ice. Especially in hot days its very refreshing , but if you take it on a cafe at Ramblas Street of Barcelona, where all the action is taking place, you can get extra hot and sweating as you see the bill .If you want to drink cold sangria on Ramblas and have less than 1 euro, there is a way!
Just buy a liter of Sangria in Tetrapak (Its 69 cents at the supermarkets), go to the McDonalds on Ramblas, ask the cashier for some ice in a cup . They give it gratis (If you learn how to say ‘free’ in every language, you wont miss the opportunities, this one is the Spanish ‘free’)
Then pour your Sangria in the iced cup, close the top, and enjoy it at the gratis Mc Donalds tables on Ramblas, while chatting with Middle Eastern youngsters cleaning the tables part time.

Cheap Gondola Ride in Venezia

Venezia is a lovely city with all the channels, bridges and gondolas. Watching these are gratuita (check the previous paragraph)
But if you want to amaze your friends at home with a gondola photo, handsome
striped t-shirt gondoliere standing behind you, and dont have enough euros; here is the way to do it for less than 1 euro:
There are shared gondolas for crossing the canal at one point, near Palazzo Pisani Moretta.
Its a 40 cents per capita convenience for those who don't want to walk all the way to the other side of the canal.
Journey lasts about a minute, so be prepared to take the first seat in front of the gondoliere, and your camera ready to shoot!


Goksu said...

Bu blogunuzu yeni buldum ve cok eglendim.Ben diger "hastalardan ne ogrendim" bogunuzu takip ediyordum artik buranin da takipcisiyim:)

Ken said...

I love it, I have done the gondolla in Venice and I am also known for finding deals, and now I am living in Turkey too!, Maybe someday we will meet and share stories and strategies!

iyi şanslar!

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